1987: China In Your Hand By T’Pau

Composed and recorded by Carol Decker and Ron Rogers of T’Pau. Speaking about the song, Carol said that it is the effect that if you hold a china cup to a light, you can see your hand through it, therefore china in your hand means something that is transparent. In an interview on BBC Television (The One Show) in the UK in 2014, Carol explained that she had been holding a china tea cup belonging to Ronnie Rogers’ mother in her hand while washing up and had felt a lump in the bottom. She held the cup to the light and saw an image of a young woman in the base of the cup. She had the cup with her and showed the viewers the image. The single was the 600th to reach No.1 on the UK music chart. Chart-History. The song was used in ITV’s (UK TV channel) comedy sitcom Benidorm in 2018, with Carol Decker making an appearance. T’Pau formed in 1986, taking their name from a Vulcan elder in Star Trek.