1993: I’d Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That) By Meat Loaf

Composed by Jim Steinman. Recorded by Meat Loaf for his sixth studio album. The last six verses of the song feature a female singer who was credited only as Mrs Loud in the album notes. She was later identified as English singer Lorraine Crosby, but she does not appear in the video. Her vocals are lip-synched by actress Dana Patrick. Meat Loaf later promoted the single with vocalist Patti Russo.The song reached No.1 in many countries. It was the best selling single of 1993 in the United Kingdom. Chart-History. Genres: Hard Rock, Progressive Rock. Meat Loaf received a Grammy Award for the song for Best Rock Vocal Performance Solo. The video is based on Beauty and the Beast and The Phantom of the Opera. In 2013, the song was used in an M&M’s commercial. Commercial/M&M’s. It was also used in the 2016 film Sausage Party. 

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