1993: Run To You By Whitney Houston

Composed by Jud Friedman and Allan Rich for the soundtrack of the film The Bodyguard. Originally intended to be a break-up song, it was approved by the producers and stars of the film. The director of The Bodyguard (Mick Jackson) then changed his mind. He said he liked the song very much but would rather have it as a love song, and so the entire song was rewritten except for the title. The single did not fare as well commercially as other songs from the soundtrack. This was attributed to the fact that in excess of 21 million copies of the album had already been sold, and so people already had the song via the album. The single reached No.1 in Canada. Chart-History. Describing his experience of working with Whitney Houston, songwriter Jud Friedman said “It was on a Friday night that Whitney came into the studio. It was great to meet her and she was a pleasure to work with. She was totally professional. Whitney actually had a cold that night and her speaking voice was whispery and hoarse. But, when she started singing, she sounded incredible. For Allan and me to be in the studio to hear her sing our song so beautifully, it was one of the greatest moments in our lives”.