1981: For Your Eyes Only By Sheena Easton

Composed by Bill Conti and Mick Leeson for the twelfth James Bond film. When composing the song, Bill Conti had in mind Donna Summer or Dusty Springfield to record it, but the film studio wanted Sheena Easton. To date, Sheena Easton is the only artist to be seen singing the theme song to a James Bond film during its opening titles. Her seductive appearance was, according to Roger Moore (who played James Bond in the film), more sexy than any of the Bond Girls. Sheena herself said that the filming process was very unglamorous, particularly when film title designer Maurice Binder had to attach her to a chair so she would be immobile during a take where the camera zooms in on the singer’s lips. The song reached No.1 in the Netherlands, Norway, and Switzerland. Chart-History. Bill Conti is an American composer and conductor best known for his film scores, including Rocky (and four of its sequels), The Karate Kid (and three of its sequels). He has also composed theme tunes for television shows such as Dynasty and Falcon Crest.