1987: Something Inside So Strong By Labi Siffre

Composed and recorded by British songwriter and singer Labi Siffre. The song was written in 1984, inspired by a television documentary on Apartheid in South Africa seen by Labi, in which white soldiers were filmed shooting at black civilians in the street. He told the BBC’s Soul Music programme in 2014 that the song was also influenced by his experience as a homosexual child, adolescent and adult, and his inner Chi. The singer originally intended to give the song to another artist to sing, but could not find anybody suitable.

The song reached No.4 in the UK. It won the Ivor Novello Award for Best Song Musically and Lyrically. Genres: Gospel, R&B. Kenny Rogers (known mostly for his country style music) released his version in 1989. Car manufacturer Peugeot featured the song to promote its 307 model in 2001. Pop Idol contestant Rik Waller reached No.25 in the UK in 2002 with his cover version. In 2019, the song was used in series ten (episode three) of the BBC Television drama Moving On.