1970: Stoned Love By The Supremes

Composed by Kenny Thomas and Frank Wilson. The song was recorded between March 10th and May 12th 1970 in Detroit and New York. Diana Ross had left the group in January 1970 to pursue a solo career and so the name of the group had reverted back to The Supremes rather than Diana Ross and The Supremes. The lead vocals were by Jean Terrell who replaced Diana Ross as lead singer. The song was the last Supremes single to enter the Top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart in the USA, peaking at No.7. It was also their last No.1 hit on the Billboard R&B Singles Chart. Additionally it reached No.25 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary Chart and No.5 on the Cashbox Top 100 Chart. Elsewhere, it peaked at No.9 in Canada and No.3 in the UK.

The lyrics of the song were a plea for the people of the world to end conflict and animosity between each other, specifically the Vietnam War. Writer Kenny Thomas chose the term “stone love” to define the concept of an unchanging bond between one another. Originally titled ‘Stone Love’, it was due to an error in the process of mixing and releasing that it became Stoned Love.

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