2000: Reach By S Club 7

Composed by Cathy Dennis and Andrew Todd. Recorded by English pop group S Club 7 for their second studio album, 7. The song debuted at No.2 in the United Kingdom but did not reach No.1. It was used as the theme tune to the second series of the group’s CBBC (children’s television channel) series. The song was not released in Australia or the USA and no reason was given for this. Genre: Pop. The music video takes place in Littlerock, California in the USA. At the start of the video, many of the townspeople are going on with their everyday lives until S Club 7 arrive in a large pink bus. There are strong contrasting colours in the video, with the dull appearance of the town and the people in it contrasting with the bright colours of S Club’s pink, blue and yellow bus. S Club 7 have arrived to spread a little joy to the people in the town. To symbolise this they distribute neon bubblegum which, when chewed by the townsfolk, makes them happy and realise that their dreams can be met and are not limited to just a small town. Throughout the video, many groups of people (such as the local school kids and a brass band) come to see the group as their drive through their town. At the end of the video, with their job done, S Club 7 exit the town in their pink bus by driving into the distance, eventually lifting up off the ground and disappearing. It was revealed that the smoke that was emitted from the S Club 7 bus made the extras on set cough and splutter, meaning many scenes had to be filmed again.

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Chart History (2000)Peak Position
New Zealand28
United Kingdom2
Decade-End Charts (2000 – 2009)Final Position
United Kingdom84