1959: Living Doll By Cliff Richard and The Shadows

Composed by Lionel Bart for the soundtrack of the film Serious Charge. The song was inspired by a newspaper advert for a child’s doll which was said to kneel, walk, sit and sing. Said Lionel Bart “I was looking at the back pages and there was a small advert for a doll which could apparently do everything. I wrote the song in ten minutes”. Cliff Richard at first refused to record Living Doll, saying “I remember passionately refusing to record Living Doll. There was a day of telephone calls from producer Norrie Paramor with me saying I hated the song and that it wasn’t right for us”. Cliff did not like what he called its pseudo-rock beat. He said it did not sound like real American rock ‘n’ roll. Norrie told Cliff to change it, do it any way he liked, just do it. While sitting around one afternoon before a show thinking about what they could do with the song, band member Bruce Welch suggested they do it like a country song. Cliff and his band agreed and recorded the song with the slower tempo. When first released, Living Doll reached No.1 in Ireland, Norway, Sweden, UK. The song was recorded again in 1986 with Cliff Richard and the cast of the British sitcom The Young Ones in aid of the charity Comic Relief, topping the music charts in even more countries than it did originally. Chart-History.