1992: Steel Bars By Michael Bolton

Composed by Bob Dylan and Michael Bolton. Recorded by Michael Bolton for his seventh studio album, Time, Love & Tenderness. The song is about obsession. It reached No.16 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart and No.7 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary Chart in the USA. Elsewhere it reached No.10 in Canada, No.57 in Germany, No.22 in Ireland, and No.17 in the United Kingdom. The album was most successful in Norway and the USA, reaching No.1 in both countries. Said Michael Bolton about working with Bob Dylan “Someone who works with Dylan called me up and said Bob Dylan would like to write with you. I was awed. I told him I don’t even know how I could write a lyric when working with you – I’m too intimidated. But then we started messing around with some chords and wrote Steel Bars, a song about obsession. It took us two sessions to write and when I left I was told Bob likes you and he wants you to come back”.