1983 Run For Your Life By Bucks Fizz

Composed by Andy Hill and Ian Bairnson. Recorded by Bucks Fizz for their third studio album, Hand Cut. The song reached No.8 in Ireland. It was Bucks Fizz’ eighth consecutive Top 20 song in the UK, peaking at No.14. The song’s lyrics talk about feelings of paranoia and insecurity. The video is set at an old manor house where an aged man appears and then vanishes out of sight. An owl also appears throughout the video. Bucks Fizz arrive in a car and enter the house to find it deserted. On opening a door, they find themselves in a mostly empty room. Their clothes change from everyday wear to orange and black leather outfits. They later flee the house, with the suggestion it is haunted. Co-composer Andy Hill is an English songwriter and record producer. He has composed songs which many well known music artists have recorded: Bucks Fizz, Celine Dion, Cher, Cliff Richard, Eminem, Leo Sayer, Peter Cetera, Susan Boyle, and Westlife.