1986: You’re My Favorite Waste of Time by Owen Paul

Composed and first recorded by American songwriter and singer Marshall Crenshaw in 1979. He released the song in 1982. The lyrics are intended to be humorous. Said Marshall of the song ” The lyrics are tongue-in-cheek. You’re my favourite waste of time. It’s a love song. I don’t know what I was thinking of. I guess I was partly thinking about when I used to go over to my wife Ione’s house, this was when we were still in our teens and we’d wait for her parents to go to bed so we could be alone. While we would do that, we were just sitting around watching TV and killing time. I really liked doing that with her, just sort of doing nothing. You could take it a lot of different ways though. It’s a funny song and it’s got funny words. Like ‘I don’t care if being with you is meaningless and ridiculous.’ That’s a funny thing to say.” Scottish singer Owen Paul released his cover version of the song in 1986. It reached No.3 in the United Kingdom. Owen Paul and his band appeared on the British television programme Pebble Mill at One to perform the song, but the performance was aborted when the band members just stood still instead of miming as they were unable to hear the backing track. Said Marshall Crenshaw of Owen Paul’s version of his song “I can’t listen to even twenty seconds of that record at all.”