1989: Toy Soldiers by Martika

Composed by Martika and Michael Jay. Recorded by Martika for her debut album, Martika. The song is about a friend of Martika’s who was trying to overcome a cocaine addiction. Said Martika of the song “I was a little hesitant because I had only written two songs before and they were light songs. I came up to Michael [co-composer] and said I wanted to write about drugs. It was the first time I got the nerve to write about something that was scary for me to talk about, so I did”. It has since been reported that Martika’s friend did overcome their addiction. Martika’s cast-mates from American children’s television programme Kids Incorporated provide vocals in the chorus of the song. Digressing from the original subject of the song, the video shows a man dying in a motorcycle accident. In the waterfall scene, this was achieved by filming the singer in an empty pool with a water current flowing between her and the camera. Genre: Pop Rock.

Weekly Chart History (1989 – 1990)Peak Position
Canada Adult Contemporary Chart9
Canada Top 30 Retail Sales Chart3
Canada Top 100 Singles Chart4
New Zealand1
United Kingdom5
USA Billboard Adult Contemporary Chart37
USA Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart1
Year-End Chart History (1989)Final Position
Canada Top 100 Singles Chart 21
New Zealand29
USA Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart 29