1991: The Motown Song by Rod Stewart

Composed by Larry John McNally. The song was first performed by the composer in 1986 for the soundtrack of the film Quicksilver. He also made a new version in 2015 for the German label Birdstone Records. Rod Stewart recorded The Motown Song, with vocals from The Temptations, for his sixteenth studio album, Vagabond Heart. The music video was produced by Animation City, an animation company in London, UK. The video features animated versions of Michael Jackson, The Supremes, and The Tempations. It also shows other (non-Motown) singers: Elton John, Madonna, Sinead O’Connor, Vanilla Ice, as well as Rod Stewart with an animated dog. Motown Records is an American record label company which was founded in 1959 as Tamla Records and became known as the Motown Record Corporation in 1960.

Weekly Chart History (1991)Peak Position
Belgium 42
Canada Adult Contemporary Chart1
Canada Top 100 Singles Chart1
New Zealand23
United Kingdom10
USA Billboard Adult Contemporary Chart3
USA Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart10
Year-End Chart History (1991)Final Position
Canada Adult Contemporary Chart 10
Canada Top 100 Singles Chart 10
USA Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart 99