1997: Perfect Day by Various Artists

Composed and first recorded by American songwriter and singer Lou Reed in 1972 for his second studio album, Transformer. In 1997, BBC Television in the UK commissioned a new recording of Perfect Day by various artists, including Lou Reed. The re-recording, with a video, was to promote the BBC’s diverse music coverage. So popular was the updated version of the song with the public that it was released as a single with all profits being for the BBC Television charity Children in Need. Each artist was paid £250 which, at the time, was the minimum pay for a performance on the BBC. After a career spanning over 50 years, Lou Reed died of liver disease in 2013, aged 71. He was cremated. His widow said his last days were peaceful.

Find out more about BBC Children in Need here: BBC-Children-In-Need/About.

Weekly Charts (1997 – 1998)Peak Position
Belgium Top Singles Chart Flanders Region7
Belgium Top Singles Chart Flanders Region 22
Netherlands Dutch Top 40 Singles Chart7
Netherlands Top 100 Singles Chart6
New Zealand25
United Kingdom1
Year-End Chart History (1997)Final Position
Belgium Top Singles Chart Flanders Region 79
Year-End Chart History (1998)Final Position
Netherlands Top 100 Singles Chart 48